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Top 10 Vintage Style Swimwear Favourites on the Highstreet NOW

July 25, 2014
Vintage Style Bikinis and Swimsuits
As promised in my vintage swimwear inspiration post, which featured vintage and vintage-inspired bikinis and swimsuits, I am now sharing the modern-day alternatives out there RIGHT NOW (as in, July 25 2014). So, without further ado (because, let's face it, these gorgeous 50s inspired swimwear pieces aren't going to be around for the whole summer), here are my top 10 picks - five bikinis and five swimsuits! Vintage Style Swimsuits The dotty, the scalloped and the sirens Okay, so the first on my Read more [...]
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Dreamy: Vintage Wedding Editorial

July 23, 2014
Vintage Beach Wedding
This wedding editorial was photographed on the beautiful beach at Seabrook Island in South Carolina. This "Dreamy" wedding inspiration editorial from the 2014 summer issue of Weddings Unveiled features an array of traditional and non-traditional wedding dresses by Monique Lhuillier, Naeem Khan, Marchesa, Lazaro, Reem Acra and others. (Look at the pictures to see the designer attributions.) Featuring editorials isn't something I planned to start doing (let alone two in two weeks - see the Read more [...]
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Salz auf der Haut: Vintage Fashion Editorial

July 14, 2014
Vintage Fashion Editorial
So, you may be a little confused to see a different language in my title. I don't blame you! Some of you may not know, half of me is actually German (woo - World Cup winners!). Being half-German and half-British is a bit of a dubious concoction most of the time. But, let the haters hate. I love having two cultures to draw on and this vintage styled fashion editorial is one of those reasons why! Featuring the beautiful model, Chantilly Scott, this holiday collection features a modern mash-up of Read more [...]
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All That Glitters is Not Gold (Apparently…)

June 30, 2014
Glitzy Review
I've become a bit fixed in my ways. It's not something I have done intentionally, but there are definitely certain aspects of life and choices I make which lead to the same result. Now that my course is over (fingers crossed results day will be a happy day), I am going to focus on trying to break the cycle and be adventurous. So, let's start in a small way... I'm normally a magpie with a penchant for all things gold. It's been some years since I have dabbled with silver, but when asked to review Read more [...]
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Vintage Swimwear Inspiration

June 9, 2014
Hi all! A really short one from me, as I am in the middle of my exams (the sporadic posts over the last 9 months will soon be coming to an end! Yippee!). I am already looking forward to summer and revisiting Croatia on a sailing holiday later this year. So, I have been pinning away quite happily, collecting my favourite vintage and vintage inspired swimwear items from the Pinterest globe of vintage lovers. A few of my favourite finds are below. Now I just need help to find a modern vintage-style Read more [...]
Vintage Tea Party

Blueberry and Lavender Cupcake Recipe

May 13, 2014
Blueberry and lavender. Sounds like an unlikely combination, no? Add vanilla and lemon and you're really playing Russian roulette with the mixer. But, have no fear, these cute cupcakes are mouth-watering morsels of deliciousness. These little cupcakes taste fresh and full of summer, with a slight nostalgic feel from the lavender. You will not be disappointed. But you may have a serious sugar rush after eating one. (Good option to help you through the mid-afternoon slump.) The first Read more [...]
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Gianmarco Lorenzi Vintage Modern Shoes

May 2, 2014
When I developed my obsession appreciation for shoes during my teens, my mum took to fondly naming me Imelda after Imelda Marcos. The former first lady of the Philippines was for her extensive shoe collection (estimated at approximately 3,000 pairs). Now, I know I may have more shoes that most, but my mum was exaggerating a little with that comparison. I don't have a collection big enough to warrant a show museum, for example. Still, it's not untrue that I am a sucker for a chic pair of heels Read more [...]
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Faced with Vintage Makeup

April 24, 2014
Anyone who knows me well will know I'm not really one for a huge effort on the makeup front. Truth be told, I know VERY little about how to apply it and the best for my skin, etc. So, I have established a close team of products that I don't really deviate from. For all you beauty enthusiasts out there... best turn away now! Skincare I will start with the beauty product I will update soon (which is only slightly contrary to what I wrote above, as my old one ran so I had no option other than to buy Read more [...]
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Buy My Vintage Inspired Wardrobe

March 30, 2014
Now that's officially spring, the time has come for a bit of light spring cleaning. As I only have one day off in the week these days (Sundays), I am starting off slowly by listing a few vintage and vintage inspired items on eBay. I've been meaning to do this for months. No exaggeration. Take a look - you never know, you may find the item you've been searching for! Of course, feel free to email me / comment if you want to ask any further questions about the item(s). Pieces include: A pair Read more [...]
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1950s “New Look” Mermaid SS14

March 26, 2014
With flared midi length circle skirts flouncing their way back into springtime fashions of SS14, I for one could not be more happy. Readily accessible 1950s style circle skirts and dresses are everywhere fellow vintage lovers and I will be snapping up as many as possible as quickly as possible! Those short skirts and maxis were starting to drive me nutty... While I love the retro rockabilly side to the 1950s, I have opted for the more classically vintage side of the late 1940s / early 1950s here. Read more [...]


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