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Gianmarco Lorenzi Vintage Modern Shoes

May 2, 2014

When I developed my obsession appreciation for shoes during my teens, my mum took to fondly naming me Imelda after Imelda Marcos. The former first lady of the Philippines was for her extensive shoe collection (estimated at approximately 3,000 pairs).

Now, I know I may have more shoes that most, but my mum was exaggerating a little with that comparison. I don’t have a collection big enough to warrant a show museum, for example. Still, it’s not untrue that I am a sucker for a chic pair of heels and a walk-in shoe closet (which I don’t have… yet). But here is one I wouldn’t say no to…


So, when I was invited to the re-launch of Gianmarco Lorenzi earlier last month, I was thrilled at the prospect of attending an event entirely dedicated to my favourite fashion item!

When I first received the invitation I wasn’t sure I was the target audience (my style being vintage and the title shoe on the invitation being really quite modern and futuristic – something Lady GaGa would strut down a red carpet event).

Needless to say, I never judge a book by its cover and working in outreach myself, I thought that Gianmarco Lorenzi’s new collection must have pieces more in line with my style. My research did not disappoint! So, without further ado, I strapped on my glorious new heels from Dune…


…and skipped on down to the #GMLaunch to see the spring / summer collection of Gianmarco Lorenzi beauties for myself…

GMLaunch Evening




The spring / summer collection really has something for everyone – modern or vintage, you’ll find your Cinderella shoe. Where they are available on the website, I have added the link, but otherwise, you will have to visit in store to purchase! Some of the shoes below are from the autumn / winter collection too…

The Art Deco Shoe aka the N.18 Savoy Sandal, £375

As soon as I laid eyes on the geometric, intricate shapes of these shoes, my mind was instantly transported to the Art Deco era of the 1920s. A perfect evening shoe for an Art Deco wedding or 1920s party!

Black and Gold Heeled Art Deco Shoes


The Strappy 1930s Inspired Shoe

The strappy beauties evoked the 1930s in my mind – one this is for sure though, these are definitely a modernised version! Ladies of the 1930s would have had a lot more stability around the toes.

Olive Green Strappy Heels

The Modern Court Shoe

Now, I have heard some friends complain that these modernised court shoes (basically with no middle bit) are impractical. Less support and a higher chance of mudded feet were their excused. While I can see their point, I just love this style. It’s a fresh, chic take on a classic.

Classic Modern Black Court Shoe

The Classic Court Shoe aka the N.11.4 Pearl Court, £360

Now, with all my talk of modernised classics, I realise here we are returning to the court shoe we all know and love. And that’s it – it is a classic for a reason. The subdued olive green of this pair was the selling point to me though – I’m a sucker for any “dusty” coloured pastels. Mmmmmm.

Sea Green Patent Leather Court Shoes

The Feathered Shoe

At first I wasn’t sure about these and then after two minutes of examining, I wanted to put them in my bag and run out! With a classic court front, the feathered back of these added a real unique quality to this traditional style. These shoes were made for walking… and talking…

Court Shoes with Feather and Net Back

The Artsy Ballerina Shoe

Where these ballerina flats lack in height, they make up for in colour! I fell in love with the floppy, artsy bows adorning these pastel hued beauties – too cute!

Artsy Pastel Ballerina Flats

The Zig-Zag Peep-Toe Shoe aka the Delcolte Pump, £380

Looking for a peep toe shoe to match any outfit this summer, but really want to stand out. Zig-zagged peep toes in a classic nude colour will achieve that! Enough said, really!

ZigZag Cream Peep Toe Shoes

The Jewelled Strappy Shoe

Yeah, you may have seen me posing with these earlier in the post. Jewels. Gold. Straps. Heels. Modernised Gatsby – these would look perfect paired with my tuxedo jumpsuit.

Jewelled Strappy High-Heels

The Gold Rimmed Ankle Boots

On the search for a new pair of black ankle boots, I thought these were perfect at being casually chic. A strip of gold on the heel, they scream out for attention in a vaguely casual way like a “because I’m worth it” hair flick. Don’t you think?

Gold Rimmed Black Ankle Boots


And my favourite pastel trio…


Which are your favourites from the #GMLaunch? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Reply Sophie May 2, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    Looks like you had a great time Mel!! I absolutely love the art deco shoe, the intricate design is so modern. I wish I could get away with wearing pointed toe shoes, unfortunately they just don’t suit me but the colour of the classic court is dreamy! out of all of them though, the zig zag peep-toe have stolen my heart! they are simply beautiful. really great post! ill definitely be checking the store out when I’m next in London. thanks for sharing xxx

    • Reply Melissa May 16, 2014 at 2:01 pm

      Thanks Soph! Yes – it was a lot of fun and the designs were absolutely beautiful. There was something for everyone there. I will take you there when you next come to visit! xx

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