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Having just watched the latest instalment of Once Upon a Time which featued Ariel (yes, yes, I know you’re judging me, but it’s brilliant!) the latest post from Fashion Foie Gras on the 2013 Magic & Sparkle ad caught my beady eye!

First used in 2001, M&S have really revived their Christmas strap-line ‘Magical & Sparkle’ with this year’s advert. From Aladdin to the Wizard of Oz, M&S guide you through a spectacular fairytale montage for their latest Magic & Sparkle surprise.

So, while you’re lighting your sparklers for Bonfire Night, feast your eyes on what’s to come through the magical fairytale references and fashions that this 2013 M&S Christmas advert (aka. the 2013 Magic & Sparkle ad) has featured.

Executive director of marketing and business development at M&S, Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne said: “With this year’s ad we wanted to recapture the magical essence of Christmas that our customers tell us is synonymous with M&S. Magic & Sparkle is an extraordinary franchise, which has always been a firm favourite with customers.”

I wholeheartedly agree.

This new ad reminds me so much of the delicately woven narratives of the Once Upon a Time series. M&S have wonderfully evoked the fantastical spirit that this time of year brings! It’s refreshing to see the Magic & Sparkle side to M&S return with something that isn’t either super commercial (enter: an ad narrative showcasing clothing through an awkward Christmas party, Boxing Day shenanigans and coy New Year’s Eve celebrations), or super traditional / boring.

The advert subtly shows off the clothes (that said, I do think the lingerie showcased – while lovely – are a tad unnecessary for a Christmas advert…), and interestingly structures a fantastical journey for the M&S customer to take. Not to mention, there is a familiar face from recent fairytale adaptation Alice in Wonderland, a stunning female supermodel and also a rather hunky male supermodel to behold…

What do you make of the Magical & Sparkle ad for 2013?

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