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I was recently granted the opportunity to see three collections designed by Angelys Balek in the same exhibition space.

As a countryside girl who dreamt – and continues to dream – fantastical thoughts, I felt an instant connection with Angelys’ designs.

Seeing the collections from Spring/Summer 2013, Autumn/Winter 2013 and Spring/Summer 2014 together granted me the opportunity to see the story that runs on through each season. The collections showcased included dreamy forests and sleepy unicorns, textured stones and collaged pieces of nature…


Angelys studied fashion at London College of Design and New York’s F.I.T., completing her studies in 2009. She then launched her first womenswear collection in spring 2011 and opened her flagship store in the heart of Siam Square, Bangkok shortly afterwards. She now divides her time between America and Asia and I was fortunate enough to meet her in London!

“A Dream of Me” marked Angelys’ Spring / Summer 2013 collection and featured unicorns and winged horses written into nature through intricate illustrative designs.

Some were presented in whimsical watercolours and others were geometrically disguised in patterns. The more graphic prints of this collection hinted towards the structured strength of the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.







The Autumn/Winter 2013 “Another Beetle Juice” collection was Angelys’ introduction to the US. This collection is bold and textured – each piece evoking the tactile urge to run your fingers along the feathers and silks.

The latest collection for Spring/Summer 2014 is titled “Outer Realm” and marks her debut collection in the UK.

Woven with strands of nature and magical materials, Angelys Balek’s SS14 collection was both inspirational and heart-warming (not to mention cool and trend-setting, obviously).

According to Angelys, the collection was “inspired by the textures of the nature as seen through the eyes of otherworldly creatures who desire to experience and absorb the textures, colours and beauty of our natural world.”

You can see why!




The prints are pretty magical and stand quite confidently as works of art in themselves. They are created from rubbings of trees, leaves and rocks and captured on delicate fabrics and formed into stunning silhouettes.

What do you think of Angelys’ collections? Which is your favourite collection of hers so far? Check out my vine video to see more:

Photos taken by Przemek Czaicki.

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