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On Monday I had the pleasure of attending the Next Blogger Network workshop organised by Next and Jam and hosted by The Hoxton Hotel in the trendy London district of Shoreditch.

Discarding the storm warnings for London, I rose bright and early to make my way to the event and was pleasantly surprised to see clear blue skies out of my window. After braving the dreaded tube (which I try to avoid at all costs), I arrived at Old Street tube station in Shoreditch to meet fellow bloggers, Sophie from S K Beauty, Holly from I2Style and Alina from The Fairytale Pretty Picture.

Stepping into the event room was like stepping into someone’s flat in London; warm, friendly and laid back, everyone felt instantly at home. Helping ourselves to an impressive breakfast spread and unlimited teas and coffee, we all thought that Next made a great choice by picking The Hoxton Hotel for the #NBNWorkshop!

We quickly made friends with the lovely Laura from Velvet Mojitos and Hollie from Hllzbth. Throughout the day, we all played snapchat bingo (fashion themed, obviously) and also took Christmas-inspired polaroid pictures to get us all in the mood for the festive months to come. Laura and Sophie in our group were both winners of the respective competitions! Congrats again, ladies!

In our lovely goodie bags, Next provided us with our bingo sheet, an itinerary for the day, a Next Blogger Network notebook, a scented candle, a super cute white picture frame and some warm slipper socks. I was genuinely shocked at the slipper socks I had… Out of our group of six, I was the only one to have animal socks. Can you guess which furry creature it was? SHEEP! How on earth did you know Next? I must exude Welsh charm…!

Next Blogger Network Workshop Hollie and Me

Next Blogger Network Workshop Breakfast Croissants and Muffins

Next Blogger Network Workshop Trio

Next Blogger Network Workshop Christmas Polaroid Fun

Our first session focused on Brand and Advertising took place in a cosy lounge room and was hosted by Emily from Fashion Foie Gras and Abi from Abimarvel. We got some top tips from both of them with the key message being to think big, never look back and stay up late working very, very hard!

Thereafter, a delicious lunch spread was served. *Warning* food porn below…

Next Blogger Network Workshop First Session

Next Blogger Network Workshop Sophie and Alina

Next Blogger Network Workshop Lunch

Next Blogger Network Workshop Dessert

The Photography and Film workshop was hosted by Lily from Lily Pebbles, Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup and Kit from Style Slicker in the atrium area. They each offered tips about their areas of expertise from vlogging and makeup to subject composition and photography tips. A lightbox, a tripod and a killer shade of lipstick are the items I realised I needed after this session! After this session we had a spot of afternoon tea (sadly no pictures of that deliciousness – sorry guys!) and looked forward to our final session.

Next Blogger Network Workshop Photography and Film

The final SEO and Web Design workshop was hosted by Britt Soeder SEO Campaign Director of Green Light and Faye from Fashion Beauty Etc back in the kitchen. They briefly discussing SEO, the importance of learning to code and the importance of website design. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that one hour was enough to make the most out of this session!

Next Blogger Network Workshop Kitchen

After the workshops, we were treated to cocktails and chats in the atrium, where we got to mingle a little more with friends.

Next Blogger Network Workshop Cocktails

Next Blogger Network Workshop Our Group

Next Blogger Network Workshop Socialising

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