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With a name like Vintage Tea Roses, it was only a matter of time before I threw in a vintage rose inspired wedding scheme! Appearing at my favourite time of year and featuring most of my go-to colours, this wedding inspiration theme is close to what I imagine my own wedding might look like in the far flung future! For that reason, I really hope that you enjoy this one!

Vintage Rose Wedding Inspiration from Vintage Tea Roses

Floral Crown Bride from Pinterest | Rose Bouquet from Style Me Pretty | Bride and Groom from VanDamme Weddings | Rose Table Setting from Raya Carlisle Photography | Rose Shoe from Badgley Mischka | Rose and Ring from Pinterest | Rose Adorned Wedding Cake from OnceWed | Rustic Rose and Bunting Aisle Markers from Amour Amour


My personal favourite for autumn, this rich shade of maroon is at once classic, seasonal and sumptuous. The darkest shade in this Vintage Rose wedding inspiration scheme, Sumptuous Plum should be used sparingly in key places.

I suggest having this colour as the shade of your lipstick and as one of the dominant rose colours in both your bridal and also your aisle marker bouquets. To unite this colour across your wedding scheme, you could also opt for this to colour to be the sash tied around the dresses of your bridesmaids and to be one of the smaller roses in your groom’s boutonniere.

When applied correctly, this warm colour will beautifully accent the more delicately rosy hues throughout this rustic Vintage Rose wedding inspiration.

Rose Crown Bride

Vintage Rose Bouquet and Lace Bunting Aisle Dividers



While it appears perfectly delicate and classic, I would argue that this shade is not usual for wedding schemes. But, I think Raspberry Diva works nicely in this warm, yet slightly wintery, wedding scheme. What do you think?

Hinting at the slate grey skies to come, the cool tone of this purple contrasts the warmer colours of this scheme.

I would suggest incorporating this colour into scheme through offering it as one of two colour options for your bridesmaids to wear. While it can be nice to have uniform bridesmaids – same dress in the same colour – it’s not really a wise choice for your friends. Skin tones and body shape should determine what each of bridesmaids wears so that she can feel comfortable and confident on your big day. For this theme, I am suggesting Pink Nevada, Raspberry Diva and Tuscan Glade could all be worn by different bridesmaids.

An embellished shawl or coat in this colour accompanied by a faux fur collar would also work beautifully on you, the bride. If your groom can also tie in his boutonniere with a ribbon of this colour, consider having your bridal sash in this delicate, stormy purple too. In case you were wondering (and considering having a lighter shade of this colour as your wedding dress colour like the bride above), the bride’s dress is another one from Jenny Packham! I swear I do not have a deal with her – the dresses speak to me without me realising!

Bride and Groom in Woods

Dusky Purple Bridesmaid Dress


Bridesmaid Dress from Inspired by This



This muted shade of green appears in the verdant foliage that will accompany your rustic roses. It also provides a little bit of masculine charm for your groom and his groomsmen to latch onto, and also allows bridesmaids with paler skin tones to shine.

Tuscan Glade will feature in your bridal bouquet, in the bunched mini bouquets serving as your aisle markers, and also throughout the floral arrangements at your reception.  A little sprig alongside the roses on your rustic wedding cake wouldn’t go amiss either. Put it this way, wherever there is a rose, there will be a hint of Tuscan Glade green!

Vintage Rose Table Setting

Vintage Rose Bouquet



Husky and warm, select this shade as the prominent colour for your rose-filled bridal bouquet and the flower arrangements furnishing your decor. The antique tone of this colour would also suit your rose adorned bridal shoes and, of course, this is one of the bridesmaid dress options too.

Take a vintage inspired picture of your engagement ring and / or your wedding ring among the roses of this shade for a keepsake photo. Finally, this colour is perfect for a floral crown, if you’re a vintage girl with a boho edge.

Rose Inspired Bridal Shoes

Engagement Ring in Rose



The refreshing tone of this autumnal wedding scheme is Crumpled Linen. This one is the colour of choice for your wedding dress (even though, I think the dress slightly tinged with the purple-grey of Raspberry Diva look pretty sophisticated too).

Crumpled Linen will also play a small role in your bridal bouquet, be the creamy topping of your rustic wedding cake, feature in your wedding stationary and also work its way into your theme as the colour of the vintage lace bunting that will run across your themed ceremony and reception.

Rustic Vintage Rose Wedding CakeBride Stationary Sign

Bride Stationary Card from Pinterest.


Are you planning on having an autumn wedding? Which colours are you planning on having in your autumnal wedding scheme? Let me know in the comments below :)

Title photo from The Wedding of My Dreams.

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